DRM database properties

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Property Type Attached to adp amdgpu apple ast bochs-drm drm-rp1-dsi evdi exynos gma500 i915 imx-dcss imx-drm imx-lcdif kirin mediatek meson msm mxsfb-drm nouveau nvidia-drm omapdrm panel-mipi-dbi pvr qxl radeon rcar-du rockchip simpledrm spacemit starfive sun4i-drm sunxi-drm tegra tilcdc vboxvideo vc4 virtio_gpu vkms vmwgfx vs-drm xe xlnx
Broadcast RGB enum connector
CONNECTOR_ID range connector
CRTC_ID object connector
Colorspace enum connector
Content Protection enum connector
DPMS enum connector
EDID blob connector
HDCP Content Type enum connector
HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA blob connector
HDR_PANEL_METADATA blob connector
HDR_SOURCE_METADATA blob connector
NEXT_HDR_SINK_DATA blob connector
Output format enum connector
PATH blob connector
TILE blob connector
USER_SPLIT_MODE range connector
WRITEBACK_FB_ID object connector
abm level range connector
allm_capacity range connector
allm_enable enum connector
aspect ratio enum connector
aspect_ratio enum connector
audio enum connector
backlight range connector
bottom margin range connector
bpc enum connector
brightness range connector
coherent range connector
color vibrance range connector
color_depth enum connector
color_depth_caps range connector
color_format enum connector
color_format_caps range connector
color_range enum connector
color_space enum connector
content type enum connector
contrast range connector
dither enum connector
dithering depth enum connector
dithering mode enum connector
eotf enum connector
flicker reduction range connector
freesync range connector
freesync_capable range connector
hdcp_encrypted range connector
hdmi_color_depth_capacity range connector
hdmi_output_colorimetry enum connector
hdmi_output_depth enum connector
hdmi_output_format enum connector
hdmi_output_mode_capacity range connector
hotplug_mode_update range connector
hue range connector
left margin range connector
link-status enum connector
load detection range connector
max bpc range connector
mode enum connector
non-desktop range connector
output_csc enum connector
output_hdmi_dvi enum connector
output_type_capacity enum connector
overscan range connector
panel orientation enum connector
privacy-screen hw-state enum connector
privacy-screen sw-state enum connector
right margin range connector
saturation range connector
scaling mode enum connector
scan enum connector
select subconnector enum connector
subconnector enum connector
suggested X range connector
suggested Y range connector
sync range connector
tmds_mode enum connector
top margin range connector
tv standard enum connector
underscan enum connector
underscan hborder range connector
underscan vborder range connector
vibrant hue range connector
vrr_capable range connector